Developer Elliott J. Sharaby
, CEO of the Baltimore-based Fallstaff Group, Inc., is known as King of Condo Conversions for good reason. No one does it better. Sharaby has created a distinctive niche in the industry—specializing in condo conversions and historic renovations across the country. In fact, many of the properties he has developed have been listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks. Quite an honor. 


Sharaby’s commitment to quality and excellence, business acumen and energetic approach has made him one of the most successful developers in today’s highly competitive market. He has an uncanny knack of finding the right property to develop and in the process is responsible for not only increasing the value of that particular piece of real estate but its surrounding neighborhood as well.  For the past 20 years his track record is 100% on target. Quite an accomplishment.   


Sharaby’s modus operandi is doing extensive market research and then selecting the right project at the right time. He admits that he has to kiss a lot of frogs before finding the prince but once he finds that particular “jewel” he closes quickly and goes on to renovate and manage the property. It is a simple concept that works well for him. Sharaby personally oversees every aspect of the operation and has assembled a professional staff of managers, designers and project directors who conform to his high standards of excellence and travel with him from project to project. Quite a commitment.



Sharaby takes great pride in offering first-class products to his buyers. He says: “There is a tremendous feeling of satisfaction in completing a project and having it turn out to be everything—and more than anyone envisioned.”  Although they are all desirable buildings when he purchases them, the renovations that his expert team completes and the resort-style amenities that are added, puts every project that he touches “over the top.” Quite an advantage for the buyer. 

  Leaders in Condominium Development

The Fallstaff Group has been developing and managing quality properties for over a decade. We specialize in the conversion of existing multi-family apartments, hotels and resorts to luxurious condominium residences. Many of our properties have earned prestigious recognition, and have also been listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks.

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